Chanda Spirits and Brewing Pvt Ltd

Chanda Spirits and Brewing Private Limited  is India’s Premier brand of the finest spirits made with the best quality of grains. The Company has a modern, state-of-the-art distillery set up in Alwer a that is currently operating at a production capacity of 60 KLPD and with the current CAGR and nationally expanding operations, all measures are being taken to improve this and scale new heights.

Incorporated in 2010, the functional Chanda Distillery is located in Beri, which is a town in of RIICO Industrial Area, Sotanala, Alwar  – just 65 kilometres from Delhi. The grain based alcohol manufacturing facility has been set up by chanda groups , an expert in the distillation industry with over 600 customers in more than 60 countries across 5 continents. Read more about our distillery here.

Setup by first-generation of entrepreneurs, Chanda Spirits and Brewing has benefited from our nationalist approach (rich experience of being in wholesale & retail in the region) and vision of being a completely Indian setup in a sector dominated by foreign brands. The company believes in a sustainable development approach which guarantees long term success. Expansion plans are based on the consumer acceptance of the company products at different regional markets. Chanda Spirits and Brewing aims to achieve pan india player in next couple of years with a focus on quality, fair pricing and ethical business practices.

We invite to try any of brands under the chanda family and we guarantee a pleasant surprise.

Chanda Spirits and Brewing aspires to be the real brand that brings you great times. We believe Indians have a taste and preference for textures that are slightly different when compared to the international market. We strive to compete with international blends and we aspire to create a unique Indian taste that the world identifies. To achieve this, we have launched a range of spirits to cater to various price brackets.

Royal Green – the Deluxe Blended Whisky from the house of  Chanda Spirits and Brewing was introduced to the Indian Markets in October of 2015. One of our highest selling whisky brands, Royal Green is a very popular name in North India. An extremely economical blend with a great taste, Royal Green is a favourite with heavy drinkers.

Everyday drinkers and whisky lovers have not had many options when browsing the Indian Made Foreign Liquor menu in their neighborhood bar or pub. At Chanda Spirits and Brewing, we want to change that and that is the reason we introduced you to Royal Green – a flavor love. Royal Green Deluxe Blended Whisky is a perfectly balanced blend of selected Indian Grain spirits. Best quality malt matured in oak barrels of finest quality and imported scotch creating a rich and generous Royal blend. Royal Green Deluxe Blended Whisky weaves the master blender’s passion of crafting and creating a distinct taste and aroma.


The CGOC is a one stop shop place for craft breweries, allied traders, independent brewers, beer enthusiasts and any one in the craft beer business or interested in understanding what it takes to be in the craft beer business.

Working together as an association will help craft breweries maintain a higher standard & quality by making right choices in terms of ingredients and technical know-how.

The CGOC organises regular technical workshops for people employed in the industry and beer enthusiasts. It also serves as a forum for breweries to discuss technical issues, licensing issues, employment requirements, ingredient sourcing, equipment sourcing.

The CGOC will be working with Governments in helping ease regulations and create a regulatory framework that is conducive to business and craft beer culture.

The association also works to spread the joy and benefits of craft beer amongst the Indian consumers by having craft beer education sessions and craft beer festivals.